About Tech Tour

A different technology event

Tech Tour is a different technology event where four high-tech companies from Billund open the doors on the same day. Experience the latest news within development, manufacturing and quality control.

You will gain insight into:

· Engineering, including 3D design, FEA and numeric simulation
· 3D print processes and materials
· Tool design and production
· Injection molding and thermoforming
· Stamping production
· 3D scanning and metrology
· Automated quality control

Who is the target group?

Everyone who is interested in taking a look behind the scenes of four leading companies and who wants to experience news, high tech solutions and advanced processes in a dynamic cooperation.

How much time should I spend?

The doors are open from 9.00-17.00 and you can attend Tech Tour at the time you prefer. You can visit all four companies or only selected. There is a shuttle bus transporting you between the companies or you can take your own car.

The event is free of charge and there will be served lunch and refreshments during the day.

Testimonials from Tech Tour 2013

Thank you for a great event. It was a super setup and very interesting – a big credit to all 4 businesses.
Hydra-Grene A/S

We had a great day. It was really impressive and very interesting, in our opinion. We see great perspectives, no doubt about that.
Thrane & Thrane A/S

A really good day where the combination of a professional event and an informal atmosphere came together.
Plast-Profilen A/S

A different technology event